Legal Matters in the Jewish community

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Other News

Ready for a Jewish lawyer joke? You’ll have to read one somewhere else (Google the phrase and you’ll have your pick), because in this special Legal edition of the Jewish News we’re taking a more discerning look at legal professionals and the field of law.

Judaism is a religion bound by laws (beginning with 10—commandments, that is), with ethics and moral behavior intricately woven into the interpretation of those laws. Rabbi Michael Panitz guides us through some of those intricacies in his article comparing American and Jewish law.

We are fortunate to have dozens of learned, ethical and generous attorneys in our Tidewater Jewish community, and within this edition, a few are profiled.

Some of the current legal issues with which Israelis and the Israeli judicial system are grappling, as well as some here in America, are also highlighted.

Locally, our legal community is vibrant, involved and engaged, as you will discover in the description of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Business & Legal Society, and attorney Susan Blackman’s excellent coverage of a recent Law Day event, co-sponsored by the Society.