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by | Apr 20, 2018 | What’s Happening

ALUT—Courageous Expressions
In observance of Autism Awareness Month

An original and captivating art exhibition that champions self-expression, particularly as a powerful tool of connectivity for those lacking alternative modes of communication, Courageous Expressions is a mixed media, group exhibition of works created by untrained artists from the Israeli Society for Autistic Children (the ALUT Institute), a leading care provider for individuals with autism in Israel.

The exhibition’s body of work is both uniquely beautiful and interestingly abstract, while individual works are supremely complex in depicting the expressive voice behind each piece.

ALUT’s Courageous Expressions exhibition seeks to inspire ongoing creativity and authenticity, honor the courage of all artistic expression, and stimulate unbridled acceptance. In celebrating the varying voices of art, Courageous Expressions hopes to promote access to the untapped, organic, and powerful voices of the ALUT Institute’s many talented artists.

Proceeds from the sales of the Courageous Expressions exhibit will go towards additional art classes in the ALUT employment centers for young adults with severe autism in Israel, as an additional means of therapy and rehabilitation.

About the artist: Osnat Polak works at ALUT’s Occupational Center in Holon, Israel. She is deaf-mute and has high-functioning autism. She expresses a world with colors, drawing in combined techniques and painting from within her private world, not with models.

Celebrating Israel:
Snapshots of the People Behind a Young State
Beit Hatfutsot’s Unique Photo Display in Honor of Israel’s 70th Anniversary

This comprehensive exhibit curated by Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People, showcases a selection of historical moments that embody the great endeavor that was the establishment of the State of Israel, as seen through the eyes of its people. The experiences of Jews from around the world who escaped hatred and fear to live freely in a Jewish state, are highlighted.

Primarily new citizens who made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) to the young country are depicted. Their struggles and triumphs evidence how these immigrants overcame the challenges of running a new state with few resources.

The panels and personal stories explore Israel’s major historical events and consider the lives of its early immigrants—what it took for them to reach the State of Israel and how they adjusted to life in their new homeland. Organized sequentially and by theme, Celebrating Israel gives viewers insight into the country’s formation.

For more information about these or future exhibits, contact Melissa Eichelbaum, program department associate, at MEichelbaum@ujft.org or 321-2304.