Liel Leibovitz returns to Tidewater to explore “How the Talmud Can Change Your Life”

by | Feb 8, 2024 | What’s Happening

Thursday, March 14, 7:30 pm, Sandler Family Campus

In a tumultuous world filled with distressing news and unsettling anti-Jewish sentiments, many are desperate to find a guide to navigate such challenges. Liel Leibovitz, editor-at-large for Tablet Magazine, will be in Tidewater next month to discuss how an ancient text, the Talmud, might just be that perfect guide.

Leibovitz’s new book, How the Talmud Can Change Your Life: Surprisingly Modern Advice from a Very Old Book, explores how the Talmud can offer wisdom in challenging times and should be considered the greatest self-help book ever written. The Talmud’s unique structure, resembling an ancient precursor to the internet, weaves intertwined links of text and commentary on the same folio. Leibovitz decodes the complexity, revealing pearls of wisdom that offer guidance even in the toughest of circumstances.

Someone who wears many hats in the Jewish community, Leibovitz is the co-host of Unorthodox, the world’s most popular Jewish podcast, and the host of Take One, a daily Daf Yomi podcast. His contributions to publications such as New York Post, Wall Street Journal, City Journal, and First Things magazine showcase his influence in the literary and journalistic spheres.

With a Ph.D. in video games and a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, Leibovitz’s rich experiences shape his perspective, making him a compelling voice in discussions about Jewish culture and history.

Under Leibovitz, the Talmud, which is often perceived as a collection of minute details, becomes a guide for life. While certain rituals may not directly apply to contemporary life, studying Talmud serves as an essential mental exercise.

Join Leibovitz and thousands of other Talmud scholars in exploring the Talmud’s profound teachings. The evening will be an opportunity to participate in a conversation that transcends generations and offers timeless wisdom for today’s challenges.

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