Linda Cogan

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Obituaries

Virginia Beach—Linda Cogan lived at Beth Sholom Village from 1995 until she passed away on September 1, 2022.

Cogan arrived at BSV when she was 45 years old. During her 27 years as a resident, she experienced the growth and progress of BSV more than most residents and staff. She witnessed changes in leadership, changes in employees, two physical renovations of the building, and the addition of The Terrace Assisted Living.

When Cogan’s mother, Rose Warshaw, passed away in 1992, few relatives were left to continue caring for her. Cogan enjoyed living at home and working at Eggleston Services, a nonprofit that provides employment for persons with disabilities. Diagnosed early in her life with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and deemed developmentally delayed, Cogan was unable to live independently.

Joan Meyer, a cousin, tried to keep Cogan in her childhood home as long as possible. She enlisted Jewish Family Service of Tidewater as part of the care team until resources were no longer available.

Group homes that might have been appropriate were unavailable in Hampton Roads during the mid- to late-1990s. After much research, Meyer landed on Beth Sholom Village, which she believed would be a good fit as Cogan was raised Jewish and BSV would be able to give her a forever home. BSV accepted Cogan with open arms.

“I knew Beth Sholom was the right place for Linda,” says Meyer. “She was incredibly social and needed people around her and doting on her. Beth Sholom does just that.”

Cogan stopped working at Eggleston about 15 years ago. She stayed busy with all of BSV’s daily activities, including crafts and painting. She adored costume jewelry, tiaras, and silly sunglasses, as well as getting a manicure and having her hair styled.

Although Cogan was one of the youngest residents when she first arrived, she aged in place and was happy to visit with other residents and family members.

Joyce Harvey, CNA and unit secretary on the Blue Unit where Cogan resided, says she recalls Linda going to work several days a week and returning home with great stories about her friends and even a boyfriend at Eggleston.

BSV held a memorial service for Cogan so staff and residents could honor and remember her wonderful personality.

Some long-time staff have workded at BSV since Cogan arrived and all have fond memories of BSV’s longest-tenured resident.