Local Jewish New American and WWII Veteran celebrates 100th birthday

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Trending News

Local Holocaust survivors, New Americans, Jewish Family Service Senior Acculturation Case Manager Alla Gean, and volunteers living at Granby and Suburban Houses gathered at the home of Semen Shilman to honor him and his family to celebrate Shilman’s 100th birthday on Friday, Feb 4. A Veteran of WWII, Shilman received a Certificate of Recognition, a bouquet of roses, and $100 in gift cards from JFS.

Described as a strong and brave man, Shilman fought for freedom during WWII. At this gathering, Shilman shared his memories about how and when he started his military career in 1941 in the 14th Cavalry Division on the 2nd Ukrainian Front. Shilman fought an epic battle at Stalingrad. He was wounded five times in combat, yet after his recovery, continued to fight on the Eastern and Western Fronts. Shilman participated in the liberation of Poland and Czechoslovakia, and then finished his military service in Dresden, East Germany, with the rank of Lieutenant.

Shilman’s loving friends and neighbors wished him good health, joy, and happiness; always to be with his family—two sons, their wives, grandchildren, and great granddaughter.

Shilman’s son, Boris, wrote this thank you note to JFS:

Thank you for the $100 JFS gift cards for my father’s 100-year birthday. My dad, I, and the whole family appreciate JFS help and the everyday care that provides high quality of life and feeling of close-knit community.

Alla Gean