L’Shana Tova

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Other News

Dear Readers,
The High Holidays have officially arrived. Synagogues have mailed their tickets, Selichot has taken place and meals have been planned, ordered and reserved.

Still, there is more to come. So Jewish News offers another packed High Holiday section that recalls 5774 and celebrates the arrival of 5775. Within these next 16 pages we present some interesting lists, moving personal stories and reflections, holiday-appropriate news, always appreciated recipes, and more.

For looking back, we feature several “Top of 5774” lists, including Jews who inspired, Jewish entertainment moments and videos that went viral. Mostly, they are fun.

For looking inward, we asked several community members about their favorite part of the High Holiday season. Their thoughtful responses are sure to make us all consider what our own response would be. We’ve scattered their words throughout the section.

In that same vein, I heard Lisa Bertini tell her Teshuva story at Ohef Sholom Temple late last month. I found it so inspiring that I wanted to share it in the newspaper. Fortunately, she agreed to let me do so.

It was a record year for Israel Bonds, Birthright has plans for young adults who have taken their trips to connect for the holidays, it’s the year for Shmita and we’ve got a piece on a New Yorker who makes kosher cheese in his basement!

However you observe or celebrate, our best wishes from the Jewish News staff for a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

L’Shana Tova,

Terri Denison


High Holidays, September 22, 2014