Maccabi Transatlantic Cup Golf takes Jeff Flax to England

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Other News

Twelve Jewish American golfers went to battle with 12 Jewish British golfers using their clubs—their golf clubs, to be clear. These top amateur golfers played in the 22nd Maccabi Transatlantic Cup Golf Matches Sep. 12 through Sep. 15.

Virginia Beach resident, Jeff Flax, was one of 12 golfers from across the United States selected to play on the American team. Held every two years, the matches are sponsored by Maccabi USA and were organized by Jeff Fleishman of Williamsburg and Jay Blumenfeld of New Jersey.

This year, the matches were played at the Dyrham Park Country Club in Elstree, England. The “Ryder Cup Format” consisted of 36 holes on each of the first two days, wherein the format was four-ball and alternate shot matches, followed by singles matches in the final day.

While the rivalry was competitive, the Brits were gracious hosts. At dinners in the evenings, the men and their wives enjoyed discussions about golf, cultural differences and similarities, Judaism, and more golf.

The Americans played their best, but the Brits proved to be a bit younger and stronger and took home the coveted trophy earning the mazel tov.

In 2019, the matches will be played on this side of the pond, when the Americans hope to bring the cup home, and receive the mazel tov!