Marilyn and Marvin Simon Family Legacy Society Tribute Dinner—A great success

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On May 2, the Tidewater Jewish Foundation hosted its biennial Simon Family Legacy Society tribute dinner at the Reba and Sam
Sandler Family Campus of the Tidewater Jewish Community. With more than 70 in attendance, comprised of current members, affiliate leadership and their families, 17 new members were inducted into the Society.

The Simon Family Legacy Society was formed in 2004 and hosted its first tribute event the same year. When first approached to become the namesakes for this Society, Marvin and Marilyn Simon hardly thought for more than a few days before graciously accepting the honor. The Simons played an active role in establishing the JCC on Newport Avenue, continuing their leadership role through the site selection for the current Campus, and making one of thelargest gifts to underwrite its construction. Today, total membership in the Simon Family Legacy Society stands strong at approximately 180 individuals.

The Society recognizes all levels of endowment giving and is inclusive of endowment giving across all of TJF’s affiliates. TJF recognizes deferred and planned gifts, as well as cash gifts conforming to its desire to be inclusive and realizing that each person’s interests, capacity and capability to give differs. Of utmost importance is each person’s commitment to the continuity and strength of Tidewater’s Jewish community.

Donors are first engaged by invitation to memorialize their participation and are asked to share their commitment to the Jewish community by writing a meaningful statement of support that is chronicled in the Endowment Book of Life displaylocated in the Cardo area of the Campus.

Although many individuals were recognized at the dinner, some qualifying donors declined to be publicly acknowledged with regard to the Society. TJF respects each and every donor and acknowledges their gift in accord with the donor’s wishes. New members of the Society include: Jody Balaban, Jack Barr, Marlene and Melvin* Bass, Jon and Susan Becker, Leonard and Eleanor Brooke, Leslie H. Friedman, William and Jeri Jo Halprin, Helen G. Gifford*, Jason and Denise Hoffman, Warren and Mimi Karesh, Sandra Lefcoe, Jonathan and Alyssa Muhlendorf, Philip S. Rovner and Joanne Batson, Bill and Ruby Schwarzschild, Miriam Seeherman and Betty and Henry* Zetlin.

Commander Hal Sacks, executive director emeritus, and Philip Rovner, president, thanked all members of the Society for their generous contributions to the community and welcomed new members with Simon Family Legacy Society recognition gifts created in Israel. Kim Simon Fink spoke on behalf of the Simon family. With humor, she conveyed the importance of the Simon Family Legacy Society and the meaningful experience of having the Society named for her family. She also mentioned how her parents’ legacy prompted she and her husband to make a gift.

In closing, Philip Rovner remarked, “We remember Marvin in our hearts and thoughts and honor all the Simon family members for their continued support of our Jewish community”.

For more information on the Simon Family Legacy Society, contact Shelby Tudor or Philip S. Rovner at 965-6111 at the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.

*of blessed memory

by Tanya Marten, marketing manager,
Tidewater Jewish Foundation