Marilyn Moranha and the Senior Club at the JCC

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Other News

The Mary and Avalon S. Krukin Award for Senior Adults was presented to Marilyn Moranha at the Simon Family JCC’s annual meeting on Monday, May 19.

Morhana received the award because of the time and energy she devotes to the seniors at the JCC. This is her sixth year serving as president of the Seniors Club, and prior to that, she held the position of treasurer for several years.

As president, Moranha conducts all business and news in the beginning of each monthly meeting, saving the lighter fare such as joke time or entertainment for the end of the hour. This month she has lined up a master gardener to speak and will bring a country singer in for July.

Moranha is very visible at the JCC each week between the Senior Current Events Club, mahjong, and the Senior Club. “The Seniors need to feel that they are a part of a being at the JCC,” she says. “We go on trips, we see shows and it’s all very socially engaging for us.”

by Leslie Shroyer