Mazel Tov! Ann Copeland, this year’s Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland award winner

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Betty Ann Levin, Ann Copeland, and Jodi Klebanoff.

Chosen by their local federations, Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland award winners embody the values of the Lion of Judah. Recipients of this prestigious, nationally-recognized award are leaders in their communities—women whose body of work has left and continues to leave an enormous imprint for generations to come; women who’ve inspired and motivated others to take an active role in philanthropy and in Jewish community involvement.

Ann Copeland was presented with her award on Tuesday, January 15 at the close of this year’s International Lion of Judah conference, which was held in Hollywood, Florida.

Copeland is a well-respected and beloved leader in the Tidewater Jewish community. She has long served as a role model for her family, friends, and for generations of emerging women leaders. Copeland leads by example, inspiring peers and young leaders alike to engage in meaningful service and Tikkun Olam.

Her involvement in various Jewish boards and committees reflects a lifetime of working on behalf of the “things that matter.” Among the things she considers priorities are: women’s philanthropy and empowerment; an unwavering love and support for Israel; and a collective responsibility for world Jewry.

A Zahav Lion of Judah, Copeland was among the earliest United Jewish Federation of Tidewater Women’s Cabinet members. She was also among the very first Tidewater Lions to endow her gift (serving as the UJFT’s first LOJE chair) 20 years ago. An outstanding fundraiser, Copeland has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Federation’s annual campaign over the years. Through her every action, Ann Copeland embodies the spirit of the Lion of Judah, using her grace and influence to bring good in the world.

In addition to receiving her award during the conference, members of her family, as well as friends and some fellow Tidewater Lions, celebrated Copeland during a special dinner to recognize her years of service and to congratulate her

By Amy Zelenka