by | Nov 6, 2015 | Other News

Dear Readers,

The United States military is practically synonymous with Tidewater. With all branches located here, including and especially, the world’s largest Naval Base, it’s no wonder that nearly everyone—including the Jewish community—has some sort of military ties.

In fact, many members of Tidewater’s Jewish community were once stationed here, thought it was a good place to stay, and are now so much a part of the community, it seems they are natives.

The concept for this section came from a conversation with Marilyn Goldman who had just returned from a visit at the National Museum of American Jewish Military History in Washington, D.C.

Jay Klebanoff’s interview with Col. Ed Shames is a fascinating read, and Hal Sacks’ review of Shames’ book is just in time for the Jaffe Family Jewish Book Festival. Philip Rovner shares his memories of returning from Vietnam and Jim Eilberg of serving on a ship with President John F. Kennedy and his family on board to watch the America Cup Races. Hal Sacks also writes about the many veterans he’s recently encountered and how appreciative he is of their service.

Not short on stories, just on room, we’ve also included articles on Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s 6th Annual Veteran’s Day Service, Temple Israel’s Military Appreciation Shabbat and changes at the Naval Station’s Commodore Levy Chapel.

Still, there is so much more we could include—and will next time.

And, so, as we approach Veteran’s Day 2015, it’s as appropriate time as any to honor our Veterans, thank those who are serving and be grateful for those who will serve in the future.

Terri Denison, Editor