My Trip to Israel was the Best Trip

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Other News

Suzanne Barr

In 1967, I heard about a United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership Mission to Israel from our friends, Mavolyn and Sonny Lefcoe. I was advised that it would be a hard trip, but I wanted to go anyway. After making some calls, I managed to get on the trip, which was comprised of about 30 people from around the country. The only people I knew when I signed up were the Lefcoes.

The 14-day trip left on September 17, 1967, just months after the Six-Day War.

Everything was planned for us…. We flew El Al, met with people in the government, walked up Masada, went to all of the highlights, visited schools. It felt like walking through the bible.

Israel was a new country, and since we were there just after the war, tanks were all around. If a solider was walking, we’d stop and pick him up. There were no shopping centers, and we’d see camels walking on the highway.

I’ve only made four scrapbooks in my life, and one is from my trip to Israel—taken with my instamatic camera.

People always say their trip was the best trip, but I think my trip was the best trip.