Nadiv meets to discuss Jewish values ahead of giving circle donation

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Other News

The men’s giving circle through YAD, Nadiv, gathered at the home of Dr. Alan and Jody Wagner on Wednesday, December 7 to discuss the Jewish values that matter to each member of the group—values such as education, community, Jewish peoplehood, saving lives, and others. YAD is the Young Adult Division of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

The meeting’s purpose was to determine which values the group collectively cares about the most. Once determined, Nadiv will find causes within the local Jewish community that align with those values where the men can donate the giving circle funds. Last year Nadiv donated $6,000. The group hopes to do at least that much in 2023.

To be a member of Nadiv requires a $54 contribution, which doubles as dues to the group. Nadiv currently has 31 paying members and expects to gain more over the next couple of months.

To be part of Nadiv—or the new women’s circle called Adira—contact Matt Kramer-Morning at

-Danny Rubin