Never too old for this puzzler: Sandra Lefcoe

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Other News

Sandra Lefcoe

New chapters and challenges seem to have always been the norm for Sandee Lefcoe. During the early years of her marriage, for example, she worked at the University of Virginia Hospital in Recreational Therapy in the psychiatric unit. Then, with one of her best friends, she started a stationery business where they helped people with  invitations for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and other events.

“My husband, Vann Lefcoe, passed away in 1996,” says Lefcoe. “A few years later, I started Suited For Success in his memory where I provided free clothing to men and women going back to work who couldn’t afford to buy appropriate clothing.”

Lefcoe’s first grandchild was born several years later, and on the plane home, she began writing about his bris, which turned into the beginning of her writing children’s books. Meet Penny P. Parker was one of her first books, followed by Darcy Darling Girl Detective. Others may be found on Amazon by searching Sandra Ellen Lefcoe.

During COVID, knowing that many people weren’t working, and children were home most of the time, Lefcoe says she wanted to do something that was fun and free for them. “I started a blog, which can be found at My character from one of my books is the narrator of the blog.”

Her latest project is a word game/puzzle. “I have been doing puzzles since I was a kid. My mother was a puzzler and that’s how I got started at a very young age. A year ago, I was playing a new online game and thought to myself how much fun it would be to put together a game of my own. And, so I did.” Lefoce’s game, Puzzle Yuzzzle, went Live on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

“I refer to it as a word game rather than a puzzle,” she says. There are five questions. After answering each question correctly, players take the first letter of each answer and unscramble the letters to make The Word of The Day. Each puzzle is available to play for 24 hours, with a new game every day.

“It’s lots of fun and the whole family can participate,” she says.

Play Puzzle Yuzzle at

“I don’t believe you’re ever too old to follow your dreams,” muses Lefcoe. “I will be 80 this year.”

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