New Gaga pit assures more game time

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Trending News

Originating in Israel, Gaga is a sport like dodgeball, played in a circular pit where players hit and roll the ball to eliminate opposing players.

The Simon Family JCC built its first Gaga pit nearly 10 years ago to entertain students and campers on the Sandler Family Campus.

Now, a newly renovated Gaga pit will be used for the sport, as well as serve as a convertible stage near The Marty Einhorn Pavilion.

“We are so delighted to have this new Gaga pit. Given the humidity and rain totals in our area over the summer, this renovation allows our campers to play in the shade and regardless of the conditions of the grass and soil,” says Dave Flagler, director of camp and teen engagement at UJFT/Simon Family JCC.

“Previously, after rainstorms, campers would have to wait, sometimes for days, due to the drainage and the mud. This renovated Gaga pit has been a gamechanger, campers love it, and we are so grateful.” says Flagler.

The new structure was designed and constructed by Glenn Saucier, facility director at the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus.

The 36’ x 36’ platform deck is covered in all-season AstroTurf, eliminating the week-long disruption that often followed when rain created a muddy pit. The PVC walls that enclose the 26’ round pit are removable and can be used to form a backdrop around the perimeter of the deck.

A grant from Home Depot covered $2,200 in building materials.

-Stephanie Peck