New research shows Anne Frank died earlier than believed

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Obituaries

(JTA)—Anne Frank died earlier than previously believed, according to new research.

Researchers from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam looking into the last months of the teenage diarist and her sister Margot concluded that they died in February 1945, according to a statement from the Anne Frank House published Tuesday, March 31–the 70th anniversary of the official date of the sisters’ deaths set by Dutch authorities after the war.

Their deaths had been marked as sometime during March 1945, the Red Cross concluded at the end of World War II .

The researchers used the archives of the Red Cross, the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen and the Bergen- Belsen Memorial, in addition to as many eyewitness testimonies of survivors as possible, the statement said.

The exact date of Anne Frank’s death from typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp is unknown.