New Year. New Mikvah.

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Trending News

The final stages of the new mikvah project at 425 Washington Park are nearly complete, with late June as the projected opening.

Then, with a little bit of mazel, and a lot of rain, the existing Norfolk mikvah will get its much-awaited renovation.

Staying the course on the new mikvah construction project depends on a key, critical element—the exact flow of pure rainwater to fill the boros—which will be introduced to the pool water for purification processes according to Jewish Law.

Earlier this month, the focus was on finishing details such as vanities, cabinets, plumbing, and tiling. Gutters are the last piece of the puzzle.

“Both mikvahs, G-d willing, should be finished by Rosh Hashanah,” says Kevin Lefcoe.

The new mikvah will have to pass a month-long test drive to make sure all the kinks are out, and everything operates as intended. Once that objective is fulfilled, the mikvah will offer a nearly spa-like setting for Jewish women in Tidewater—allowing them to connect to one of the oldest Jewish traditions.

“People from all denominations of Judaism in Tidewater have contributed generously and meaningfully, making the rebuilding of the mikvah a true community project,” says Barb Gelb, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater director of development.

– Lisa Richmon