No fooling for Hey Ladies!

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Laura Gross, Rachel Gross, Elka Mednik, and Sara Kruger.

While April 1, 2019 wasn’t your typical April Fool’s Day filled with children’s pranks, laughter abounded at a merged UJFT Women’s Cabinet and Women’s Young Adult Division event, hosted by Leora Drory.

For the first time, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Women’s Cabinet and the ladies from YAD who give $118 or greater, got together to mingle, schmooze, and discover they all have a lot in common.

Monique Werby, Janet Mercadante, and Naty Horev.

Monique Werby, Janet Mercadante, and Naty Horev.

Caroline Moss and Michelle Markowitz, Jewish Book Council authors, traveled from New York City to read excerpts and share stories from their hilarious book, Hey Ladies! Moss and Markowitz’s book is written in epistolary form and follows a group of friends over the course of a year from romances, to wedding planning, to bachelorette parties—which are relatable on all accounts.

After the reading, women from both divisions asked questions and shared stories of their own of a time they, too, were on an email chain that started with the phrase ‘Hey Ladies’ and in the end, got everything accomplished.

Women’s division’s Janet Mercadante, Mona Flax, and Barbara Dudley joined forces with YAD Ladies Night chairs Jillian Reynolds Sachs and Jaime Hutnick to plan the event.

Women’s Cabinet and YAD members say they look forward to more collaborations to assure a strong female Tidewater community for the future.

Carly Glikman