Norma Abramson Herzberg

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Obituaries

Norfolk—Norma Abramson Herzberg, passed away Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at the age of 98, after a long and happy life. Norma passed away quietly, in her sleep, without suffering.

Norma’s life spanned nearly 10 decades. From the roaring 20’s to the great depression, through WWII and into the modern world as we know it today. Norma saw it all, lived it all, and most importantly, thrived through it all. Norma was the beloved daughter of Abraham and Leah Abramson and sister to Freddie Abramson and Helene Klavans. Norma married the late Charles Ernest Herzberg and raised two loving children, Caren Tronfeld and Richard Herzberg.

Norma was the oldest of three children. Her parents were ahead of their time, as both parents worked to support the family and being the oldest, Norma assumed the role of mother to her younger siblings. This early in life role of caregiver accounts for Norma’s highly developed love of nurturing. Norma’s primary concern in life was the wellbeing of her family. Those who were lucky enough to be part of Norma’s extended family never doubted that they were loved (or would be well fed). Norma lived her life to the fullest. In addition to her love of family, Norma loved flowers, fashion, books and the phone. In her later years, the phone was her connection to the world. Norma’s daily check-ins will be greatly missed.

Due to the length of her life, thriving to the age of 98, Norma is survived by a wonderfully large number of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. To honor Norma’s life, a graveside funeral service will be held 12 noon Friday, September 9 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk.