Now in it’s sixth year, the Simon Family JCC Presidents’ Cup Golf Tournament has seen its share of exciting and silly moments

by | May 20, 2016 | What’s Happening

Thursday, June 9, 11:30 am registration, 1 pm shotgun start, Heron Ridge Golf Club, Virginia Beach

Everyone’s favorite character—Norman Sher (known to most as Normie)— shares a few, colorful memories from past Simon Family JCC Presidents’ Cup Golf Tournaments, as well as a bit of advice for rookie participants in this year’s tournament.

Gaby: Hi is this Normie Sher?
Normie: You got my whole body!

Gaby: (Already laughing) Hi, this is Gaby with the Jewish News.
Normie: Hi. Hello, Gaby. How are you?

Gaby: Hi, good, thank you. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the golf tournament?
Normie: Okay, I’m only capable of answering multiple-choice questions.

Gaby: Oh, well, that’s unfortunate because these are anything but multiple-choice questions.
Normie: Okay, go!

Gaby: Well, I’ve been told you make your own Bloody Mary mix for the golf tournament.
Normie: That’s what I’ve been told.

Gaby: I was wondering when you started bringing this mix and why?
Normie: It was a couple of years ago and it was because I…could… I thought it would be fun, and everyone liked it.

Gaby: Do you have any tips you’d like to share with anyone about playing at the Heron Ridge Golf Club?
Normie: Try not to cheat. Put your real score down. Buy lots of mulligans. And, um, try to keep your balls dry! (Norm breaks into laughter).

Gaby: (Still chuckling to herself) I bet that does help! What for you has been the most memorable moment at the golf tournament these past couple years?
Normie: Most memorable experience at the golf tournament was that I came in second place—when I thought I won.

Gaby: How did that happen?
Normie: I didn’t cheat as much as the other guy did.

Gaby: Ah I see, I see.
Normie: (Laughter commences) No, actually it was some “facacta” rule they had that we ended up in second place. And I’m a lousy golfer, by the way.

Gaby: I appreciate your frankness—your honesty.
Normie: The tournament has become a popular event, and we give decent prizes to decent players. We give good prizes for better players.

It’s just a fun event. It brings the community together and we appreciate the support of all the groups and all the people that have continually come. It’s a wonderful community experience and it helps bring the Hampton Roads community together—not just the Jewish community.

Gaby: Do you have a memorable experience from past years?
Normie: If you’re going to go to the bathroom on the course, just make sure no one is watching.

Gaby: (Containing laughter) That’s a very good tip!
Normie: (Laughing) And, if somebody shoots a hole in one, I don’t believe it.

Interested in trying some of Normie’s legendary Bloody Mary cocktails? Want to make hilarious memories while playing golf for a good cause with great people?

Look no further than the 6th Annual Simon Family JCC Presidents’ Cup Golf Tournament. Registration starts at 11:30 am and the main event starts at 1 pm.

Registration $180 per player, $720 per foursome. Deadline is Friday May 27.

Register at or by contacting Corrie Lentz, assistant director of development and fundraising at 757-321‑2337 or

All proceeds from the tournament fund the Simon Family JCC children’s programs and Camp JCC scholarships.