Ohef Sholom’s Confirmation Class holds retreat at the beach

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Other News

The Ohef Sholom Temple 2016 Confirmation Class held a one-day retreat in December at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Health Center at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

This annual event for the Confirmation Class was a meaningful and bonding experience for the 15 members who participated. Study topics included interactive and energetic discussions on the Jewish views on the value of life, what happens after death, and what makes a good leader —Israeli Army style.

Confirmation Class faculty Rabbi Roz Mandelberg and Cantor Wally Schachet- Briskin, along with Chris Kraus, director of Family Learning and Sarah Glaser, OST ninth grade Religious School teacher, led the activities. Educator Kitty Wolf provided support.

The retreat began with a creative service held outside overlooking the ocean. Students formed a human sculpture, created a rhythmic, impromptu symphony of sound, and stretched in yoga positions. They also acted out the weekly Torah Portion, which involved Jacob’s sons “shoving” Joseph into a pit. From there the students participated in a values clarification exercise, where they explored what they would choose in an ethical dilemma and what Judaism says about their choices.

Afternoon activities included a team-building event and an engaging art activity.

After studying the colorful and witty technique of Israeli photo-illustrator Hanoch Piven, participants created self-portraits based on Piven’s style, mostly using everyday objects and miniatures of household items.

A Havdalah service in the center’s meditation room concluded the retreat, wrapping up a full, enjoyable and learning-filled day.