Ohef Sholom’s Got Talent

by | Apr 20, 2018 | What’s Happening

Saturday, May 5, 6–9 pm, Ohef Sholom Temple

No Frill Grill. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. Cooper Hurley Personal Injury Lawyers. Bite.

What do these businesses have in common? They are all owned by Ohef Sholom Temple members.

“In my years of board service, I’ve learned that our congregation is filled with talented people, but we often don’t have the chance to hear about each other’s passions and interests,” says Alyssa Muhlendorf OST, fundraiser chair. “With this fundraiser I’ve developed lists of talented congregants in order to create a fund- and friend-raising opportunity for all us.”

For Ohef Sholom’s Got Talent, all of the live entertainment, food (four restaurants are doing a tasting of three dishes each), art for the silent auction, and sponsorships will come from gifted congregants. The entertainment will be a series of short musical, comedy, and storytelling acts.

This event is already building new connections. More than 20 artists donated original artwork to the silent art auction. While asking the artists to participate, Jane Goldman and Muhlendorf developed new friendships with congregants they’d never met before.

“Charlotte Corey, a beautiful 85-year old lady, is simply one of the most dynamic, delightful, and creative people I’ve met in a very long time. We spent literally hours one afternoon talking about so many things— life in Norfolk, raising children, handling grief, finding one’s path in life…It surprised me to learn that Charlotte didn’t discover her passion for designing and making her bold, expressive jewelry until she was almost 70!” Goldman says.

Muhlendorf felt a deep connection to Mary Anne Katz when she spent a morning touring her art studio, listening to the love story of her marriage to David Katz (of blessed memory), and picking up her donation of an incredible Judaic watercolor.

Tickets are $36 each, and sponsorship opportunities are available. Already have plans, but still want a chance to bid on the unique and beautiful art up for auction? Go to www.ohefsholom.org to bid. Bidding closes at 8 pm on May 5.