Our 2020 Vision… Community Campaign season begins

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Other News

Building and strengthening community—together. That was the theme of my first message in our Jewish News exactly one year ago. Then, we introduced the concept of an accelerated campaign for our community—to raise necessary funds for not only our local Jewish institutions, but also to address needs of Jewish communities in Israel and elsewhere around the world.

I am proud to say we achieved our goal. Our 2019 campaign matched the 2018 total in half the time and, ultimately, raised over $200,000 more in funds for our beneficiary organizations locally and overseas.

And now, as we begin our 2020 campaign season later this month, we are envisioning our Jewish community of the future and all it can be. To achieve this, we need the involvement and support from all members of our community. Our Jewish value of Kol Yisroel Aravim Zeh B’Zeh tells us that we must take care of one another. And that is who we are—a community that lovingly cares for and assists those in need.

So whether you are concerned about anti-Semitism, a need for increased security at our institutions, ensuring Jewish education for our children, addressing hunger locally or in Jewish communities around the world—know that we are in this together.

Every one of us is important and every gift is important. The time is now, as we envision our Jewish community of the future.

Our 2020 campaign season begins in a couple of weeks and will be drawing to a close following Super Sunday in November as we approach the end of calendar year 2019.

I hope to see you at one of our community building events as we IGNITE our 2020 Community Campaign and continue to strengthen our community.

Betty Ann Levin
Executive Vice President/CEO