Our Community—Connected, Supportive, and Vibrant

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Other News

Several times throughout his recent busy visit to Tidewater, Rick Recht publicly proclaimed his admiration for our Jewish community. A popular musician who travels throughout the nation, he spoke of our community’s inclusivity—how much we did together, regardless of denomination—and how much we did…he couldn’t get over the activity! “It is so touching,” he said, “to see all of the areas of this community communicating and connecting.”

He’s right, of course. We connect by supporting and attending events such as the weekend with Rick Recht, our annual Israel Festival, and Yom Hashoah, among many, many others. We also connect by responding to crisis, both natural and political. It is clear that Tidewater’s Jewish community is engaged and committed to nurturing and helping others.

Another way we demonstrate that connection not only with each other, but with Jewish communities around the globe, is by participating in United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Annual Campaign.

Donations to the Campaign help feed, clothe, comfort, and rescue people throughout Tidewater, in Israel, and in Jewish communities worldwide.

John Strelitz
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater


No matter how successful we are in the Campaign, we unfortunately know that the needs are never completely eliminated. Situations arise such as this year’s terror kites which brought fire to Israel and September’s Hurricane Florence which destroyed Jewish communities. The suffering caused by unpredicted financial and medical hardships are felt by members of our own community, as well as by those in Ukraine and Israel.

With your gifts—of financial support, of time and of resources—UJFT will be able to provide needed assistance and offer programs that enrich our community and others’ in 2019.

Please consider making a gift to UJFT as we near the end of the year. And, please give generously—you may be surprised at how much you receive, too.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe 2019.

Betty Ann Levin
Executive Vice President
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater