by | Apr 8, 2016 | Other News

Dear Readers,

As much as we all love our Passover traditions and reminiscing about them, this is a holiday that consistently offers a new recipe, a new twist, a new way to celebrate and observe. In fact, according to Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz’s Torah Thought, the rabbis who created the Seder ritual counted on change.

Even in our Memories of Passover pieces penned by Marty Mandelberg (who grew up in Baltimore), Fay Silverman (who grew up in Richmond) and Laurent Abitol (who grew up in France), it’s obvious that our traditions constantly evolve as we add family members, move, and alter our eating habits.

For example, for most, gefilte fish, matzo ball soup and lots of potatoes are typical Passover fare. But a full eight days of that food can be a bit filling, to say the least. As an alternative, the plant-based recipes on page 22 are healthy, lighter, and still kosher for Passover. A gentle change!

Then, there are the Haggadahs. My family’s Seders were based on the Barton’s Candy and Maxwell House versions. For years, I didn’t know options existed. In addition to the countless Haggadahs available today, it’s not only possible, it’s popular to DIY (do it yourself).

We hope you enjoy these and other articles in this section, and that your Seder manages to make memories and traditions for you and your family for next year!

Terri Denison