Polish writer Teresa Toranska

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Obituaries

Teresa Toranska, a Polish journalist and writer who wrote several books chronicling Polish-Jewish history, died in Warsaw.

Toranska, a native of Volkovysk, now Belarus, died Jan. 3, the day after her 69th birthday. In 2011 she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Her most famous book is Them: Stalin’s Polish Puppets, which includes interviews with communist dignitaries. The book could not be published officially when she wrote it and instead circulated in the underground. Now it is taught at universities around the world.

She authored several books on Polish- Jewish history, including We are, about Jews who emigrated after the Polish government’s anti-Semitic campaign in March 1968, and “Death is a minute too late,” about Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors. Toranska also wrote the screenplay for Gdansk Station, a film about Polish immigrants living in Israel.

A well-known Polish journalist, Toranska received many awards for her work. (JTA)