Retired! Dorothy Zimmerman

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Other News

Originally from Boston, Dorothy Zimmerman moved to Tidewater in 1982 for a job with a psychiatric hospital. She immediately immersed herself in the community—often seen at Chrysler Hall and wherever else art and theater were taking place—and became active in her temple and at the JCC, taking classes, schmoozing and exercising. A bundle of energy with an enormous smile and laugh, Dorothy appears to have embraced retirement as easily and enthusiastically as she embraces her family and friends.

Profession/Job retired from: Administrator of private psychiatric hospital.

Retired: 1987.

Also worked at: University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Favorite aspect of retirement: Meeting and interacting with new friends and volunteering.

Now spends time: with friends, playing Mah Jongg, attending meetings, reading, and going to the many cultural offerings in Tidewater.

Speaking of meetings and volunteering and interacting with friends, which organizations get the most of her time: Congregation Beth El and United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Dorothy’s advice on retirement: “Do It!”