Rosh Hashanah

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

The High Holidays are about to arrive and I’m not certain that most of us are fully prepared to greet them.

Uncertainty over COVID-19 lingers and might be even more so than in 2020, since at this time last year, we knew that the majority of congregations would be worshiping virtually and that most family and friends celebrations were not taking place. This year, we’re not so sure.

Resiliency, however, is an integral component of the fabric of the Jewish people, assuring that no matter the circumstances, we’ll each find ways to observe and celebrate the Jewish New Year, 5782…and cherish the opportunity to do so.

Our annual synagogue listing of High Holiday Services, which begins on page 23 is long—indicative of our very active and determined Jewish community.

Jewish News asked Amy Milligan, Ari Zito, Jennifer Groves Rosenbaum, and Debra Yarow—all local educators—their thoughts on starting a new school year just as they begin the Jewish New Year. Lisa Richmon’s article is on page 21 Their responses are all heartfelt and uplifting.

What would a Rosh Hashanah section be without recipes? We suggest a couple of unique dishes to add to your traditional fare. If you try them, please let us know what you and your guests think.

Speaking of food, when shopping for your holiday meals or choosing where to dine, consider our advertisers who offer everything you’ll need and some delicious and festive options for celebrating…for any occasion.

All of us at Jewish News wish you a safe, healthy, peaceful, and happy New Year.

L’Shanah Tovah!

Terri Denison