Salute to Tidewater Jewish Military Connections

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

More than most every other corner of the nation, we in Tidewater understand and appreciate those who serve in the United States Military. If we don’t have family members who have served, we certainly have friends and neighbors who have. And, so, Veteran’s Day is a day that is and should be treated with respect, as well as celebrated as we honor the important work and dedication of the men and women who so proudly protect our country.

Within these pages, we have a variety of military-veteran related articles
including one on the Jewish War Veterans Post 158 and Lt. Commander Adam
Goldberg’s efforts to revive the chapter

Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s 9th Annual Veterans Day Service, which
takes place this year on Monday, November 12, is featured on page 22. Always
a moving morning, the event is certainly worth the time.

The article on Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)
features two young women from Tidewater who currently serve in the IDF.
Hannah Yarrow’s and Ilana Peck’s parents talk about their daughters and FDIF.

Of course, there’s more, including information on VA benefits and details
about an auction of military-related items.

Jewish News salutes the Military!

Terri Denison, Editor