Security for Jewish Tidewater is a priority for SCN

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Uncategorized

Mike Goldsmith
The horrific October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas still reverberates as the conflict continues. As global tensions escalate, it is important for the community to take actions to protect loved ones at home. To that end, the Secure Community Network continues to work with law enforcement at all levels to enhance the protection of the Jewish community in the United States.

It is important to note that currently, none of SCN’s partner agencies have detected a specific or credible threat to the Jewish community in Tidewater or anywhere in the U.S.

While SCN works nationally to exchange information and best practices, the Regional Security Advisors work diligently with local partners to increase security levels. To date, the following actions have occurred:

• The Hampton Roads Chief of Police Association was briefed on the situation in Israel and what it means for the community. The chiefs agreed to step up visible patrols around synagogues and facilities while the conflict endures.

• Information and intelligence are being exchanged daily with local and state law enforcement partners, to make sure they have the latest threat information from the Jewish Security Operations Command Center (JSOCC) in Chicago.

• On Thursday, Oct. 19, the Intelligence units of the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake Police Departments were briefed on the current threat picture. This brief included a live feed from JSOCC intelligence analysts.

• Connections have taken place with Virginia’s Assistant Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to exchange information and to map facilities for his secretariat.

These are anxious times. The best course of action is to stay vigilant, follow all security and access control best practices, and report any suspicious behavior to the local authorities and SCN.

Please be aware of the enormous amount of misinformation and disinformation surrounding this event. Use reputable sources such as the FBI, DHS, ADL, or SCN websites to look for updates. X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook are not credible information sources.
Contact Mike Goldsmith, SCN RSA, with any questions or concerns. He can be reached at or 872-273-9103.