Senior Living: Dear Readers

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

Remember when references to ‘seniors’ conjured up only images of ‘old’ people? Not anymore. Perhaps that’s why the age for qualifying as a senior keeps increasing.

Those profiled in this section focus not on their age, but on living life to the fullest, enjoying themselves and making contributions to the community in various ways.

Jack Fox, for example, is marking his 63rd year of flying. His soaring story is on page 20.

Nearly 88, Dr. Bruce Longman is a practicing dentist who recently completed the Simon Family JCC’s Ironman Challenge. He shares his secrets for a happy and healthy life on page 17.

Rabbi Michael Panitz doesn’t just watch films in his spare time. He analyzes them, speaks about them, and is even writing a book about them. Just another of the rabbi’s many interests. Page 21.

A former college professor and academic librarian, David Titus manages the Bonk-Rivin Holocaust Collection at Ohef Sholom Temple. With more than 1,400 titles, Titus is enthusiastic about this community treasure. Read about him and the collection on page 22.

Sherry Liberman has been running the JCC’s Senior Book Club since 2009. On page 24, she recalls the club’s history and invites new members to join.

Speaking of the JCC Seniors Club, Robin Ford interviews Patsi Walton, the club president, on page 23. The club often meets near the Jewish News office and I can attest to the fact that based on the laughter and applause I hear coming from their meetings, these people have fun!

Not all seniors, of course, are flying their own planes or drafting new books. For those at Beth Sholom Village, their care might’ve gotten even better as all employees just participated in a series of seminars on Alzheimer’s and dementia. Page 25.

These are just a few of the articles in this section. We hope you read them all and are as inspired as we all are at Jewish News to continue working, following our passions, and doing our best to stay healthy.

Thanks for reading,

Terri Denison