Shabbos Project in Tidewater

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

Where would I stay? What should I wear? Will I have to sit separately from my friends? Can we stay in groups? Is it okay to take pictures?

These were just some of the questions that were asked prior to this year’s Shabbos project in Norfolk. Community members, students from area universities, friends of members, and new families—all participated in this Shabbos experience. Even though, for many participants, this was their first exposure to Shabbos, many say they want to return and have another Shabbos experience soon.

The fourth year that the Shabbos Project took place in Norfolk, participants enjoyed a Carlebach style Kabbalas Shabbos led by Rabbi Yisroel Stein, followed by a Shabbos dinner that served more than 200 people. Kirk Levy delivered a D’var Torah about the Jewish people and the character trait of mercy.

Shabbos day began with a learner’s service led by Rabbi Gershon Litt, a beautiful drasha by the Rav of B’nai Israel Congregation, Rabbi Sender Haber, and an extremely elaborate Kiddush. Many participants went to members’ homes for lunch.

Shabbos concluded with a moving shalosh seudos meal filled with singing and inspiring stories. Immediately after Shabbos, everyone went outside to enjoy a song- filled Havdalah under the stars. As people left, they began counting down the days to the next Shabbos.

Rabbi Yisrael Stein