Stanley Abramowitz, longtime JDC relief worker

by | May 17, 2013 | Obituaries

Stanley Abramowitz, who in his 65 years working for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee was involved in many of its major operations, has died at 93.

Abramowitz, who was working in the former Soviet Union until last year, was buried in Israel.

“Stanley’s story is really the story of JDC,” the relief group said in a statement, adding that Abramowitz was a “constant force in our mission for more than 65 years.”

Born in Poland, Abramowitz was recruited by JDC in London in 1945 shortly after World War II. He was sent to Germany, where he helped alleviate conditions for thousands of Jews in internment camps. He later took on assignments in Iran, North Africa and Israel, where he made his home in 1972.

In 1988, Abramowitz was on the verge of retiring when the JDC sent him to the Soviet Union to help organize the emigration of Jews from the country and provide them with aid. A JDC spokesperson said he was still working in the former Soviet Union until last year, when he retired at 92.

“How sad to have lost one of JDC’s righteous giants,” the organization said. “Our memories of him will be treasured always— a good, kind, smart, gentle man who filled his long life with countless good deeds on behalf of the Jewish people.” (JTA)