Stanley Robert Horne

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Obituaries

NORFOLK – Stanley Robert Horne died peacefully at his residence, Leigh Hall, on Saturday, December 2.

Stanley grew up in Norfolk, Va., first on Holt Street, then Ainsworth Street, and finally on Maury, where he grew up with Eleanor, Steven, Marianne, his mother Ruth, and his father, Ellis, better known as the “Double EE”.

He raised his own family in Colony Point with his wife, Jo-Ann Lila, until 1972. Colony Point was a “little Israel,” with so many relatives and the so-called extended family who watched Stanley’s children. He was blessed that his children would be so influenced by a rich Jewish heritage, because most of his relatives were practicing Jews.

Stanley always stressed family first. When he was home early for dinner, his family was expected to be at the table.
Stanley and Diane Amdurski traveled often to Atlantic City, took in shows, and were enriched with the local arts in Norfolk. Diane completed the family for 27 years. She made Stanley very happy until pancreatic cancer took her.

Stanley was a very simple man and did not need much to be happy. A good cigar, his newspaper, a good cup of coffee, the remote for watching all football, basketball, etc., and his two kids; he was extremely proud of his children.
Stanley spent his last 16 months at Leigh Hall in Norfolk. He had a best friend there, Mr. Gerry Jacobs, with whom he ate, played cards daily, and often shared the computer. Stanley had the knack and gift of gab; he loved people, and he loved helping people plan their homes with décor.

Stanley started working for Haynes Furniture before the birth of his children. In the early 80s, he went to work for Herman and Adie Adler.

A graveside funeral took place at Forest Lawn Cemetery.