Stephanie and Tyler Caskill: 10 years

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Other News

Stephanie Jarvis Caskill and Tyler Caskill on their wedding day at Ohef Sholom Temple.

Jewish News: You are both Tidewater natives. When and where did you meet?

Stephanie Jarvis Caskill and Tyler Caskill: We met in 2011 at a mutual friend’s house.

JN: What was most memorable about your wedding?

S&T: Having so many of our friends and family together—we went a little crazy and had a very insane guest list (more than 300 people)—but it was wonderful having our friends from college, local, extended family, and family friends all together to celebrate us.

JN: What advice would you give yourselves of 10 years ago?

S&T: Always look at the humor in life. When things are tough, it’s important to always have fun.

JN: What has been your secret to staying together?

S&T: We spend a lot of time as a couple. We love our family and our daughter, but we also prioritize ourselves a lot with trips alone, hobbies, etc.