Steve Leon

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Other News

Area attorneys: Committed to their work, family, and communities

Cooper, Spong & Davis, P.C.

Creditor’s Rights, Collection law, Credit Union law

University of Virginia
Cumberland School of Law

Jewish organizations and involvement
I have served on the boards of Jewish Family Service, United Hebrew School (past-president), and University of Virginia Hillel (past- officer); member of Beth El Temple.

Wife: Caren Pributsky Leon
Children: Mason Leon and Matthew Leon

Favorite Jewish Holiday

Most memorable Jewish milestone/life cycle
After the Yom Kippur War, in December of 1973, I was bar mitzvahed at the Western Wall in Israel.
Our family was one of the first groups of tourists to enter Israel after the peace treaty was achieved. When we arrived at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, towers of silver steel-encased luggage crowded the exterior walkway of the building. While checking in at the front desk, my father was advised that the Kissinger and State Department party was completing their negotiations and that we would have to wait for access to our rooms until they departed.
The bar mitzvah service was unique and meaningful. The significance of the moment in Jewish history has resonated with me ever since.

Most admired Jewish lawmaker
I fondly remember Jacob Javits and Howard Metzenbaum.

Personal legal milestone
In late 1997, I began practicing at the law firm that my dad had been associated with since the early 1970’s. What a privilege and honor to have my office next door to my father’s. We shared many lunches, conversations, and legal discussions over the years. The memories of my dad at work with our offices side by side will always be so special to me.

Most memorable case
I handled a matter for one of the Goldenbergs from the “Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews” family. After the case was resolved, much to my surprise, I received two big boxes: one was filled with milk chocolate peanut chews and the other with the dark chocolate version. When I brought the delicious goodies home, my kids were delighted and became huge fans of the tasty treats.

How has an understanding and/or commitment to Jewish values entered your decisions or actions as an attorney?
To paraphrase the Golden Rule of Rabbi Hillel, “do unto others as you would like to have done unto you.” I aspire to live by that creed and treat everyone the same, just as I would like to be treated.