Steven Warsof: An Inside Business 2023 Healthcare Hero

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Trending News

Steven Warsof

Inside Business presented the 2023 Healthcare Heroes Awards to “recognize outstanding individuals and organizations that are making a noteworthy difference in healthcare across Hampton Roads” on Tuesday, June 20. The breakfast event took place at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center.

Steven Warsof, MD, EVMS professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was one of the honorees.

“It was a great honor to receive this award as a Healthcare Hero,” says Warsof.

“Although I have dedicated my professional life to providing health care to high-risk pregnancies in Hampton Roads, there remains much to do especially in the last few years as women’s reproductive rights are being challenged. As one of a few obstetricians who remember what things were like prior to Roe v Wade, I am saddened that we are going back to those times. I am concerned that once the government is allowed to take any right from women, what rights will the government be willing to take next.”

In addition to his advocacy, Warsof is involved with the medical community in Israel as well as in Hampton Roads.

In 2018, Warsof was made an honorary member of the Israeli Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology for his long-standing volunteer efforts at the Azoraeli School of Medicine of the Galilee at Bar Ilan University in Sfat Israel.

The following year, Warsof helped bridge the relationship between Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk and the Bar-Ilan University Medical School (BIUMS) in Safed, Israel, bringing Israeli exchange medical students to Tidewater. “Providing high quality community healthcare services to patients at risk both in America and northern Israel is among the major learning insights of medical students participating in the exchange program,” he said in 2019.

“With partnerships such as this, the future looks bright for these two institutions,” said Warsof.

Since the Israeli school opened in 2011, Warsof has taught on numerous occasions at BIUMS.

In an interview with Jewish News in 2015, Warsof noted, “Teaching in Safed combines my three passions—getting closer to my family in Israel, teaching obstetrics, and helping Israel in the best way I know how.”

Among his many volunteer activities, Warsof served as president of Temple Emanuel, beginning on June 5, 2018.