Strelitz International Academy students celebrate Shavuot with a Mitzvah Fair

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Other News

Primary Years students at Strelitz International Academy had excitement in their eyes as they entered the room for the Shavuot Mitzvah Fair on Friday, June 3.

Richard Glasser’s family dedicated the unique holiday celebration in his memory. His brother Michael, sister-in-law Lori, and nephew Ross, attended the special occasion. Students learned that Richard Glasser had a mantra with which he lived his life, “Do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.” This view on life is very much connected to the holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the day on which the Torah was given. Students were reminded that the Torah teaches the 613 Mitzvot and is a guide, teaching right from wrong.

The Mitzvah Fair was filled with a wide variety of Mitzvah-themed activities. Students braided their own challahs for Shabbat and painted rocks for the JFS Rock Healing Garden. Laughter was heard from the stage where students played a Mitzvot-themed dancing game and cheers came from the “Pin The Shin On The Mezuzah” station. Havdalah candles were carefully twisted and cookies decorated as flowers for Shavuot. Creativity was on display as students decorated their very own Tzedakah boxes and students showed their delight at practicing to write Torah letters like a scribe. Blessings for food were reviewed in a fun word search and students built Mitzvah-themed creations at the Lego station.

“Michael, Ross, and I thoroughly enjoyed attending SIA’s Shavuot celebration,” says Lori Glasser. “Listening to the explanations of the various Mitzvah activities and watching the students—all grades and various ages—performing a Mitzvah at each station was a wonderful way for them to learn the importance of doing the right thing, all while having fun.

“We were happy to sponsor the day through Richard’s Foundation,” she says. “I’m sure he would’ve been proud.”

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Rashi Brashevitzvky, SIA Judaic Studies director