Strelitz International Academy: Teaching to think globally, act locally

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Other News

As an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program candidate school, Strelitz International Academy provides a global and inquiry-based education with a mission to nurture active, compassionate lifelong learners grounded by intercultural understanding and respect.

SIA students don’t just learn geography, math, or art, they connect the subjects to meaningful concepts in a real-life way.

Recently, for example, second graders were studying regions in the United States. While learning about the regions, they investigated various Tzedakah projects that correlated to each area.

When the four-year-old class learned about ways to express themselves through art, they created beautiful artwork inspired by Picasso, Pollack, and others—generating their own art museum to show their parents and grandparents. They also learned about the Dreaming Zebra Museum in Portland, Oregon which helps fund resources to those who don’t have the means to express themselves through art.

In third grade, to bring an economics and supply lesson into meaningful context, students created their own online ‘Kids Outlet Mall.’ Students used math, technology, innovation, and language arts to bring their businesses to life.

Every lesson taught at SIA is tethered to core Jewish values: Kavod (respect), Kehillah (community), Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), and Torah Lisma (love of learning). Strelitz International Academy’s leadership believes the school’s greatest strength is its ability to offer an innovative and transdisciplinary approach connected to these core values. This distinction casts SIA as an elevated education option for all area children, from three-years old to fifth graders.

“Our goal is to prepare our students to become global citizens,” says Heather Moore, head of school. “This includes the notion of looking beyond your own community to contribute time, effort, and energy for the good of others. As an IB candidate school, the curriculum is presented as a series of inquiries. We are always teaching in a local and global context—starting local and expanding global.”

For information on Strelitz International Academy or to arrange a personal tour, contact Carin Simon, M.Ed., director of admissions, at 757-424-4327 or