Sukkah Share helps pass traditions to new generations—and each other

by | Sep 8, 2022 | What’s Happening

Next month, Jewish families around the world will begin to put up sukkot (plural form of sukkah). These temporary huts have an open roof often covered in branches and an open side to welcome guests during the Jewish festival holiday of Sukkot. The open booth is a reminder of how the Children of Israel slept after they fled slavery in Egypt. A sukkah also resembles the temporary shelters used by farmers in the fields during planting and harvest time.

Sukkot is a perfect holiday for families with ample opportunities for crafts as they decorate their sukkah, spend time with friends who are invited to share in a festive meal in the sukkah, and express thanks for what they have.

Many young families, however, may find the task of building their own sukkah daunting and a ready-to-build sukkah kit cost prohibitive.

If you have a sukkah that you no longer use, or if you would like to receive a secondhand sukkah, consider adding your name and information to United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s new “Sukkah Share” database. UJFT will connect families who want a sukkah with those who are ready to pass on their traditions.

For more information about the Sukkah Share program, visit or contact Sierra Lautman, senior director of Jewish Innovation, at or 757-965-6107.

Sierra Lautman