Super Sunday’s recipe for success: Great ingredients, enthusiastic community

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Eliot Weinstein, Avi Weinstein, and Hanoch Piven, Israel Today artist-in-residence.

What ingredients made this year’s Super Sunday so successful? Community members of all ages volunteering? More than 215 individual gifts pledged to the 2019 campaign? Social action projects teaching kids Tikkun Olam? The answer, of course, is all of these and more.

On Sunday, October 21, Tidewater stayed true to the Super Sunday theme, Rise Up: Be a part of Federation’s Recipe for Success, and packed the Reba and Sam Sandler Campus with more than 130
volunteers. For Super Sunday, sponsored by Coastal Towne Mortgage, everyone had the same goal: to make the calls that matter most.

“The energy was contagious. Everyone was eager to reach out to community members to ask them to open their hearts and wallets and ensure the success of Jewish Tidewater, bringing the total money raised through 2019 Super Sunday to $126,405,” says Jeremy Krupnick, Super Sunday chair.

David Abraham and Sara Jo Rubin.

Success recipes and cooking were at the forefront of each activity at Super Sunday. Volunteers wore shirts designed to look like aprons and the social action project of the day, organized by Nadiv: Men’s Giving Circle, was an assembly line for children of all ages to create jars of cookie ingredients that were donated to Jewish Family Service.

Filled with plenty of activities for the entire community, this year’s Super Sunday included the Community Marketplace, which included seven small, local businesses and eight local partner organizations, giving them the opportunity to show off their jewelry, makeup, cupcakes, and other goods and services.

In “The Zone,” a family art workshop led by Israel Today’s first ever artist-in-residence, Hanoch Piven, took place. An internationally sought-after Israeli artist and illustrator, Piven led an open family workshop specifically for Super Sunday. His workshop stimulated creativity, while encouraging exploration of identity through the use of common everyday objects.

Erin Boynton and Raizy Cook.

This year’s campaign theme, It All Starts with You, has been the driving force behind UJFT’s year, with each step led with the understanding that the community and Federation would not be what it
is without its people.

Typically held at the end of January, this is the first time that UJFT moved Super Sunday to October, with the hopes of front loading the campaign, and having the entire Annual Campaign closed by
December 31. So far, the campaign has been strong, raising more money this early in the year than ever before. After Super Sunday, the campaign is officially over $3.8 million. The excitement for an early campaign year is well on its way.

Super Sunday Steering Committee: Carly Glikman YAD associate, Aaron Drory, Tim Thornton, Amie Harrell, Harrell, Erin Boynton, Danielle Danzaing, and Jasmine Amitay YAD director.

The day couldn’t have come together without the help of the Young Adult Division’s Super Sunday Steering Committee. These five individuals worked for four months to plan each aspect of the event, all while learning the importance of being a community leader. For most of the committee, Super Sunday was their first experience in Tidewater Jewish leadership. They prepared for the day by learning from other leaders and by completing leadership training exercises. Super Sunday is the perfect setting to jump start involvement, as for some, it’s the only time where they get to have a Jewish conversation all year.

“Our Super Sunday Steering Committee would like to thank you and everyone who joined us on Super
Sunday. We are $3.8 million strong and climbing!” says Amie Harrell, Super Sunday vice chair.