Switch Day at Beth Sholom Village: Wonderful memories! Now, with a new twist…

by | Nov 26, 2018 | What’s Happening

Tuesday, December 25, 4–6 pm

For more than 30 years, Beth Sholom Village has engaged family members and the community as they came to volunteer on December 25. The activity was called “Switch Day.”

The idea was born when staff—everyone from food servers to nurses—requested the day off to spend time with their family on Christmas day. The Jewish community pitched in and volunteered, switching places with many staff. The volunteers did it all. Volunteers cooked and served food and escorted residents from their room to the dining rooms. They worked in the laundry room and helped clean. They lead Bingo. Lots of socializing and making of new friends took place. It worked out well for everyone! Jewish people had the day off and wanted to help and the staff was able to spend an important holiday with family.

Fast forward to today and times have changed. New health care guidelines dictate that only trained staff members may assist residents with certain activities. The health department will not allow volunteers in the kitchen to cook. The list goes on. BSV’s staff enjoys working the long shift with time and a half for a holiday.

So, in 2018, BSV suggests coming together as a community—only this time, with a different twist. BSV is inviting family members, friends, and former volunteers for a kosher Chinese Buffet.


Chinese Kosher Food

December 25, 4–6 pm

BSV’s Pincus Paul Multi-Purpose Room

Beer and Wine
Adults, $10
Children under 12, $5

RSVP and pay by Dec. 17. Call 757-420-2512 and ask reception to make a reservation. Credit cards accepted over the phone. Cash, check, and credit card at the front desk.