Tallwood High School to hold golf tournament for Israel exchange program

Thursday, Oct. 3, 11 am

When we are consumed with our own culture and way of life, it is sometimes hard to imagine anyone else being intrigued in what is to us, a standard interest.

At Tallwood High School’s Global Studies and World Languages Academy in Virginia Beach, the concept of curiosity for the sake of knowledge is the norm. Students at this Academy strive to expand their understanding of cultures both near and far.

In my freshman year I first heard about Tallwood’s exchange program with Israeli students. I was surprised by this program as I wondered who would possibly be interested in going to Israel or learning Hebrew since there were only two Jewish students in my Academy class, of which I was one. Yet when the exchange took place, the majority of the Academy population seemed fascinated with the guests from half a world away.

Although I did not participate in the traveling portion of the exchange, I hosted Israeli students for the remaining three years.

While my involvement with the program brought me closer to a culture I had always known about, that wasn’t the most rewarding part. Seeing other teens drawn to that same culture that for them had once been alien was a much better feeling. Tallwood’s Israeli exchange program is more than just a chance for students to get out of the classroom, it is an opportunity to open minds and hearts to the people of Israel, their struggles, and their strengths. The program encourages dialogue among the hosts and travelers, and at events where the Israeli students share their experiences with eager audiences. These events have included class presentations, after school receptions, and even a panel discussion with Israeli, Indonesian, and American students on diplomacy and global issues.

Tallwood is offering this opportunity again this year for its students with the hopes to reach even more in the student body and community. To sustain this program, Tallwood is hosting its fifth annual golf tournament to raise funds to assist those students who will travel to Israel. The tournament is a fun afternoon and it supports a cause that encourages a program where bonds are formed and bridges are created to a more interconnected, educated, and accepting world.

This year’s tournament will be held at Honey Bee Golf Club in Virginia Beach. Sign-in is at 11 am with a shotgun start at 12 pm. For more information on the tournament, the Tallwood program, or for a team registration form, contact Greg Falls at 424‑0801 or gregory.falls@vbschools.com.

by Bri Kordis