Temple Israel dances with the stars

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Other News

They came. They danced. They enjoyed.

Nearly 180 people attended Temple Israel’s Dancing with the Temple Stars fundraiser on Sunday, May 19. To tunes such as String of Pearls and Lady in Red, eight couples showed off their fancy footwork in four dances— rumba, waltz, foxtrot and swing.

The winning dancers were Beverlee and Cantor Larry Tiger, Sue and Harry Cohen, and Darva and Larry Gruber. The other competing couples were Kathryn Morton and Steve Legum, Lyna Raschdorf and Mark Nachman, Milcah Wade and William Wade, Mary Ann and Phil Walzer, and Tammi and Dale Wohlers.

Music was provided by the Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra, led by Lynn Summerall and accompanied by jazz singer Becky Livas. One of the orchestra’s members, William Neill, also served as dance instructor for the couples. After the exhibition, the floor was opened to all dancers.

The evening, produced by vice president of fundraising Susan Eilberg, offered a mélange of dance and musical genres. Reuven and Judy Rohn offered lessons in Israeli folk dancing. Mark Solberg and Nadine White- Shook led the dancers in a disco and rock segment. And Jason, Jeffrey and Gizella Wade presented a hiphop exhibition, with graceful bends and contortions that would have made Michael Jackson proud.

The evening also featured a sumptuous dinner, cooked under the direction of Cheryl Dronzek, highlighted by maple-glazed salmon and edamame/ sweet potato cutlets, with herbs from the gardens of temple members.

Other stars included emcee Jody Mazur and “cigarette girl” Doris Friedman, who circulated throughout the auditorium in her period outfit selling dance ballots.