Temple Israel offers helping hand to d’ART Center

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Other News

On April 17 an explosion at the Selden Arcade caused damage to the d’ART Center and artists’ studios. The City of Norfolk closed the Selden and repairs are now underway.

As one of her initial priorities as incoming executive director at Temple Israel, Nancy Tucker decided to help the Center. With religious school on summer break, Temple Israel is partnering with the d’ART Center to provide classroom and art room spaces, including its kiln, for art classes throughout July and August.

“You don’t realize the value of space until you lose it. Thank you so much for filling a void,” says Anne Odell, interim executive director of d’ART Center.

“We were delighted to be able to continue our commitment to supporting our Norfolk community as well as introducing ourselves to new friends,” says Cheryl Dronzek, incoming president of Temple Israel. “We look forward to a long relationship.”

For more information on d’ART Center and upcoming classes, visit http://d-artcenter.org.