The 20th Annual Virginia Festival of Jewish Film presented by Alma* and Howard Laderberg wrapped up a week of cinema with an incredible final day

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Other News

The matinee showing of Six Million and One brought a crowd of more than 200 to view a moving documentary about the struggle of the second generation after the Holocaust, children of survivors, who cope with the emotional legacy of their parents’ suffering.

Pete Carnabuci and Bill Jucksch, two retired U.S. Army soldiers who liberated the Gunskirchen camp captivated the audience after the film with their emotional recounting of the traumatic day of liberation. Through tears and halted speech, both men described the horrific conditions that met them at the gates. Their message encourages younger generations to accept the harsh truths of the Holocaust. They stress how important it is not to white wash or sugarcoat the suffering incurred by the victims; not just to honor memory and sacrifice, but to support the call to action of “Never Again.”

Following this powerful film, the festival ended with an uplifting comedy that was shown at the first film festival in 1993, Leon the Pig Farmer. After the film, a reception catered by the Tidewater Community College Culinary Arts Department took place. The students outdid themselves this year, presenting a professionallevel spread of desserts and treats.

Throughout the week, the 20th Anniversary of the Virginia Festival of Jewish Film welcomed more than 1,200 community members to the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts and the TCC Roper Performing Arts Center, fulfilling its mission to bring diverse and entertaining Jewish cinema to our area.