The After Party: YAD Kicks off Young Leadership Campaign

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Other News

Following UJFT’s Annual Campaign Kickoff and the inspiring speech by Izzy Ezagui, YADians continued the celebration outdoors, under the stars.

“The YAD After Party was a great complement to UJFT’s event,” says Danny Rubin, YAD vice chair. “We had terrific attendance and there’s a lot of energy around this year’s campaign as it’s related to young professionals.”

The YAD After Party on September 6 was joined by more than 40 young leaders, which included new community members and new cabinet members. Each guest was presented with the question, “Which Society Will You Join?” Sixteen people committed to being part of Ben Gurion Society, which is a gift of $1,000 or more, in addition to 11 more Society commitments. As a result, YAD raised more than $20,000 for the 2019 Annual Campaign.

The party also featured speaker Izzy Ezagui, who chatted one-on-one with YADians.

“Our community was very blessed to have Izzy come to share his story with us,” says new YAD cabinet member Estelle Katz. “It reminded me that I have so much more to do for our people not only locally, but nationally and globally. I hope that others were as inspired as I was, to do and give more.”

Ezagui’s presence and the Campaign’s theme, It All Starts with You, are the perfect rhetoric for a great Campaign year.

“What an amazing story by Izzy,” says Bern Glasser, YLC Campaign co-chair. “I was very inspired to make 2019’s Campaign even more successful than before. I am looking forward to seeing our community come together to support Jews everywhere.”

The community will continue to work hard on this year’s Annual Campaign at Super Sunday 2019 on October 21. Join YADians and community members to rise up and be the “recipe for success.”