‘The Aussie Gourmet’ prepares for Jewish Norfolk

by | Oct 28, 2019 | What’s Happening

Naomi Nachman hosts the Vaad of Tidewater’s Chopped Competition

Sunday, November 3, 5 pm, Sheraton Waterside

On the precipice of Naomi Nachman’s visit to Norfolk, I had the opportunity to speak with her about her extensive travels, love of food, and what to expect at the Vaad of Tidwater’s Chopped Competition.

Michelle London: Shana Tova! I got my hands on a copy of your latest cookbook, Perfect Flavors. The onion brick roast was the favorite in my house over the holidays. Which dish was the highlight at your table?

Naomi Nachman: I made these New York strip steaks that they went crazy over. Medium rare in the center. Spice it with salt and chili powder. It was really great and easy.

ML: Though a native Australian transplanted to New York, your extensive travels around the globe, highlighted on your Instagram, The Aussie Gourmet, influence the recipes in Perfect Flavors. What does your food experience look like when you travel to a new locale?

NN: Whenever I’m invited to go to a place, I’ll always come early and stay a day later because I want to experience the culture. I want to see how they prepare their food, where they prepare their food. I always like seeing the street food because that really reflects the local culture. In Bangkok, after talking to the vendors, seeing what goes in their food and watching them cook, I then went home and made it kosher for myself and that ended up the Thai Chicken Spring Rolls in the cookbook.

ML: Our chefs for the Chopped Competition will need to be similarly creative with their mystery baskets.

NN: Yes! Everybody gets 30 minutes to prepare their dishes and will be judged on taste, creativity and presentation. Whoever cooks the best wins!

ML: Any tips for our chefs?

NN: Pace yourself. (Laughs)

ML: What will a guest in the audience experience?

NN: Fun, interactive evening. Lot of good laughs and excitement.

ML: Successful catering business, radio show, cooking vlog, cookbook twice over, Instagram influencer, food demonstrations on traveling tours: what do you hope your fans and followers take away from ‘The Aussie Gourmet’?

NN: Enjoy eating as much as I do. Bring food from around the world into the kitchen because we are one people.

Michelle London

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