The Holocaust as reflected in diaries and memoirs, offers a collaborative learning experience

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Other News

A 10-session intensive course on the Holocaust, The Holocaust as Reflected in Diaries and Memoirs, invited students to dig into the first-person accounts of living through the Holocaust. Diaries and memoirs served as a looking glass into these individuals’ daily experiences, lending a remarkable insight into this devastating time in history.

Taught by Wendy Juren Auerbach, the Melton course was offered by the Konikoff Center for Learning of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater in partnership with UJFT’s Holocaust Commission and the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

As a part of course, the students took a trip to Richmond to visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum. The museum tour added depth and complexity to the learning experience.

To learn more about future Melton courses or other learning experiences, visit or contact Sierra Lautman, senior director of Jewish Innovation at or 757-965-6107.

Sierra Lautman