The Lee and Bernard Jaffe* Family Jewish Book Festival

Through Sunday, Nov. 16
by Leslie Shroyer

Nine author events are taking place at the Simon Family JCC during the Lee and Bernard Jaffe* Family Jewish Book Festival. Three are highlighted here. For all events, go to

A musical evening
The Late Starters Orchestra
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 7 pm

Have you ever considered going back to something you loved doing as a young person, only to talk yourself out of it because you think you’re too old?

Ari Goldman shares his personal account of what happens when a middle-aged writer picks up the cello for the first time in 25 years in The Late Starters Orchestra. He’ll share his thoughts, as will other “late starters” from Tidewater, who will perform after his presentation.

Alan Bartel and two other musicians will perform Devienne’s Flute Trio after Goldman speaks. Bartel, a cardiologist who serves on numerous boards in the area, is an accomplished flutist who gets together at least once a week with several different groups including a Klezmer band. “We are all late starters, who played earlier in life and want to continue playing to keep active at what we are passionate about,” he says.

Following the short recital, Bartel, violinist Roger Gray, cellist Fred Kovner and author Ari Goldman will open a discussion with the audience about returning to something one is passionate about in later years.


Sports night
The Legend of Red Klotz: How Basketball’s Loss Leader Won Over the World 14,000 Times
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 6pm

Tim Kelly will present his book, The Legend of Red Klotz: How Basketball’s Loss Leader Won Over the World 14,000 Times. Concession style food, Jody’s popcorn, beer, sodas and water will be served.

The presentation is about Red Klotz, who opposed the Harlem Globetrotters thousands of times, beating them just once on his winning shot. This biography traces Klotz’s unlikely journey as basketball’s most traveled man, overcoming his small stature, anti-Semitism, the Great Depression and World War II to succeed in basketball.

After the presentation, enjoy games such as a shoot out, complete with prizes. “We are so happy to bring out sports enthusiasts to listen to Tim Kelly and then take some shots themselves,” says Alex Pomerantz, of the UJFT Men’s Division. “It’s going to be fun family night for anyone who plays ball and is interested in the Globetrotters’ history.”

The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Men’s Division and Young Adult Division and the Simon Family JCC are co-sponsors of this event.


Global Day of Jewish Learning
Sunday, Nov. 16, 1–3 pm

Tidewater will join with Jews across the world in celebrating a Global Day of Jewish Learning.

“In our tradition, learning is not just about receiving knowledge, but using it to transform our lives and our relationships with others,” says Rabbi Marc A. Kraus of Temple Emanuel, who is leading the Global Day discussion at the JCC following a book presentation.

The book presented at this event is Ruth Feldman’s The Green Bubbie, which is about developing and nourishing meaningful, organic relationships. “We hope that the Global Day of Jewish Learning will be a catalyst for developing meaningful intergenerational relationships,” says Kraus.

Can’t come to any of the events? Don’t forget to stop by anyway! Hundreds of books on dozens of subjects are on display and for sale in the Cardo area of the JCC through Sunday, Nov. 16. For more information about the events, call 321-2338 or visit

Simon Family JCC is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

*of blessed memory